Cynthia A. Kroll, Fisher Center for Real Estate and Urban Economics

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Cynthia A. Kroll, Senior Regional Economist and Executive Director, Staff Research

Fisher Center for Real Estate and Urban Economics, Haas School of Business F602, #6105, University of California, Berkeley, CA 94720-6105

(510) 643-6112


Dr. Cynthia Kroll is the senior regional economist and executive director for staff research for the Fisher Center for Real Estate and Urban Economics, a research center on the U.C. Berkeley Campus.  She holds masters and doctoral degrees from U.C. Berkeley's Department of City and Regional Planning.  She is well known for her research on California economic trends and their implications for real estate development opportunities and land development issues. 

Her recent and ongoing research span a broad range of topics and disciplines, including industrial structure, innovation, and financing building in the green economy; the global position of California’s economy in general and of high tech sectors; effects of global trade on services sectors; globalization and the real estate industry; the transforming housing market and California's future; affordable housing policy in California; the effects of the credit crisis on California's economy and public sector revenues; state and national responses to the housing and credit crisis; international tourism and real estate; human capital in the San Francisco Bay Area; and Bay Area firm births, deaths and relocations through the dot-com boom and bust. Earlier topics include: The role of the World Wide Web and other new technologies in the real estate industry, California’s economic outlook after the dot-com bubble, the effects of construction defect litigation on multifamily and condominium construction, an evaluation of the CEDAR (economic recovery) web site, the Bay Area housing market, the role of tourism in California’s economy, the effects of defense cuts on California employment and economic structure, the future of the Southern California economy, the effects of high housing prices on job growth, the effects of the Loma Prieta earthquake on the Bay Area economy, trends in California's Central Valley, housing cap proposals in San Diego, and the role of high tech industries in the Silicon Valley industrial market. Dr. Kroll conducts ongoing evaluations of California's residential, office and industrial markets. In addition to her twenty-six years at the Center, Dr. Kroll has also worked for the State of California's Office of Economic Research, for the Association of Bay Area Governments, for SRI International, as an adjunct lecturer in the UC Berkeley Department of City and Regional Planning, and as an independent consultant.  She has acted as an economic advisor to the California State Controller's Office, the Bay Area Economic Institute, and the California Economic Strategy Panel, and has served on the Editorial Board of the Bay Area Economic Pulse.

March 2010


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